Made with Purpose


MUUR was founded with the intention of bringing high quality, handcrafted accessories to people that value timeless product, craftsmanship, and fair trade. Our pieces have stories, they are connected to both people and places. We partner directly with artisans, family run businesses that put their heart and soul into their craft. In turn, we offer fair compensation and an exceptional product. Our designs offer the perfect blending of modern elegance with artisanal techniques that stand the test of time.

Artisan laying wax on fabric for batik dyed textiles. Artisan cutting leather to a strip with a ruler on a woven straw mat.
Artisan hand sewing the pocket seams of an olive card case. Artisan hand sewing two pieces of burgundy leather held together with a flat wooden clamp held in place with his knees.
The wood plank clamp rests on a tabple with leather shears, a spool of thread and a burgundy card holder on top. An artisan punches a hole in a leather strip with a hammer and tool.

When you purchase a MUUR accessory, not only are you receiving an elegant and beautifully handcrafted product, but you can have pride in knowing your money goes to the artisan entrepreneurs in parts of the world where the impact is huge and meaningful. Your purchase has a direct influence on lives on the ground.

An artisan irons a freshly dyed white batik bandana.



Muriel Salimin was born in The Netherlands, has Surinamese/Indonesian family roots and moved to New York more than 15 years ago where she started to build a career in the Men’s fashion industry. She founded MUUR in 2018 with the clear intent of bringing her passions for fashion and giving back together. Muriel creates every product, and personally travels to the workshops to meet with artisans and establish fair and sustainable relationships. Every MUUR product is a reflection of this dedication to detail and intention. Timeless and truthful. A product with a journey, a story, and a purpose.